The Soraytec Smart Meter is Live in Yerevan!

The long anticipated Soraytec Smart Meter (SSM) industrial demonstration project kicked off on July 17th 2021!

The first 12kV unit of the latest version of the SSM is now live in Yerevan at a 10kV substation of the Electricity Networks of Armenia.

Our SSM is a demonstration of the future of IoT of the gird, as our sensors stream data from the electricity distribution networks to our proprietary cloud platform which then uses the data to train our algorithms. The Soraytec platform delivers maximum distribution efficiency while ensuring resilience and safety.

The first phase of the project validates the safety, ease of use and accuracy of Soraytec’s solution. This ensures accurate assessment of the state of the network, power quality and distribution efficiency. Enabling network operators to pinpoint where action is needed to reduce losses, improve operations efficiency and grid capacity. 

In the next phase, smart features such as event localization, grid balancing and early detection of irregularities are tested. This will establish our one-stop solution for all distribution network related operations!

We will soon have more installations coming up within our network!

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