20th Sep 2021

Soraytec Collaborates with E-REDES and EDP Innovation to Test the Soraytec Smart Meter in Portugal

As part of an industrial demonstration program, Soraytec has installed two 12kV units at E-REDES, mainland Portugal’s distribution system operator, substations in the Lisbon area.

The project is supported by EDP Innovation, a partner identified through the Free Electrons program 2020. The objective is to test different use cases of the Soraytec Smart Meter (SSM) with a special focus on the state assessment of networks in terms of resilience, efficiency and safety.

The Soraytec Smart Meter (SSM) is the first of its kind device which provides real time data streaming for monitoring of voltage and current waveforms. This enables distribution service operators (DSO) to have visibility on parameters such as network balance, synchronization, total harmonic distortion and fault localization. The system is also capable of phasor monitoring allowing for early detection and efficient isolation of critical events.

The compact design, ease of installation and plug and play platform allows operators to install our meters anywhere in the distribution network and makes it the perfect candidate for retrofitting of legacy equipment. Soraytec helps DSOs to digitize and automate operations of distribution networks.

Soraytec is honored to partner with innovative multinational companies such as E-REDES and EDP Innovation who are taking the lead in digitizing the electricity grid for the future through EDP starter and Free Electrons.

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